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Registration, Abstract Submission and Reviewing through to on-demand Badges and Apps

On-Demand Badge Printing

eventfloBADGE is an industrial level real-time scan and print ‘ticket to badge’ solution designed to be robust, fast and reliable. Using leading scanning technology from Motorola and high throughput badge printers the attendee simply presents their ticket to the desk based scanner, on entry, and their full colour badge is printed and output in under 2 seconds.

Real-time tracking of attendees on gate entry provides analytics on both the lecture theatre popularity and attendee 'no-shows'

The integrated badge QR code allows exhibitors to scan attendees to obtain contact information using the eventflo app.

Fast, Reliable & Smart!

  • 2 seconds from scan to output of badge

  • No PC required, ensures both speed and reliability

  • Printer has 5,000 badge capacity without any user interaction

  • Badges are double-sided, full colour and include slot to attach lanyard

  • Works offline so do not need to rely on your internet connection or PC's

  • Can be linked to PC for walk-in registrations and badge printing

Events Calendar

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